Membership in the Manassas Chorale is open to high school and adult singers from the greater Manassas area.  The Chorale performs four concerts per season; auditions are held at the start of the rehearsal segment for each concert. Prospective singers are welcome to visit “open rehearsals” on the dates listed below, then schedule an audition with the Vice President to sing for the Artistic Director and a second judge. Those who are invited to join the Chorale may then register, pay dues, and order performance attire.

The Chorale Ensemble is composed of approximately 30 Chorale members selected by the Artistic Director at the start of the Chorale season, partly based on their most recent audition results. Ensemble members have a higher score criteria and must demonstrate reliability and commitment to the Chorale, so members in their first year are rarely considered. Members can indicate their desire to be considered for the Ensemble on the audition form, or by notifying the Director.

Auditioning to Join the Chorale

  • Prospective members will meet with the Vice President at the close of their first rehearsal for question/answer orientation and to schedule an audition. The VP will make every effort to keep multiple auditions consecutive.
  • Singers will be provided with music (sheet music and part track) by email.
  • Singers will check in with the VP at the beginning of rehearsal on the night of their audition to review the audition process and ensure that they are prepared and have filled out their paperwork, etc. Auditions will take place after Chorale rehearsal.

Auditioning to Stay In the Chorale

Singers will re-audition every two years after joining or at the discretion of the Artistic Director to maintain the vocal quality of the group. Auditions will be offered after every segment for those at the two-year deadline; singers will receive notification that they are due to re-audition. The Vice President is in charge of audition sign-ups. Singers will usually audition on a piece of music performed at their last concert.

Audition Criteria

  • For all auditions, new and returning, singers will be rated by a two-judge panel, one of whom is the Artistic Director, on the following criteria.
    • Scoring on prepared piece
      • Tonal accuracy
      • Rhythmic accuracy
      • Phrasing
      • Dynamics/Interpretation/Style/Mood
      • Diction
    • Sight singing
    • Ear training
    • Vocal range

Audition Results

  • Judges will score the audition and provide comments. The average of the judges’ scores will be the singer’s audition score.
  • The Director will determine the minimum score for acceptance into Chorale membership. The Director has the discretion to deny membership to a singer even if they have a passing score.
  • The Director will notify each singer of the results of their audition.
  • If a singer fails the audition, he/she will be eligible to audition again in a year. If a singer’s annual membership extends past the time of the unsuccessful audition, he/she will be entitled to a pro rata refund of their membership dues.

Audition Schedule

For the 2022-2023 season, we will be accepting new members on the following dates:

  • Fall Segment: Aug 30 and Sep 6, 2022
  • Winter Segment: Oct 11 and 18, 2022
  • Voices United Segment: Jan 3 and 10, 2023
  • Spring Segment: Mar 21 and 28, 2022

To arrange an audition, please attend a rehearsal during one of the dates above, or contact the Director, Becky Verner.

Audition Music Tracks