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The Manassas Chorale is dedicated to bringing Carnegie Hall quality music to our community as the official choral group in residence at the Hylton Performing Arts Center, as well as through performances at smaller venues throughout our area. In addition to our own vocal presentations and piano accompaniment, we also regularly engage instrumentalists and soloists to further enhance the musicality of our performances. Less than half our income derives from ticket sales; additional operating expenses are covered in part by grants, fundraisers, and member dues. We also rely on patron support – from corporations, small businesses, and individuals. Our Form 990 is available upon request.

With donations from patrons like you, we can continue to make our local concerts affordable and of high quality. Patron benefits include complimentary concert tickets as well as listings in our program and links on our website. We offer a variety of levels of support and we welcome any amount you choose to contribute. Because the Chorale is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, any donation above the cost of concert admissions is tax deductible.

Please consider supporting the Chorale today!

The Manassas Chorale is pleased to announce that we have earned the 2022 Platinum Seal of Transparency with Candid (formerly Guidestar). Click on the seal to view our profile!

Patronage Level & Benefits

Measure of Excellence

$10,000 & Above


$3500 & Above

Director’s Circle

$2500 & Above

Musician’s Circle

$1000 & Above


$500 & Above


$300 & Above


$100 & Above


$50 & Above

Contributors at the Supporter level and above may also receive two $25 vouchers, good for two concert tickets (orchestra seating) OR $50 off a season ticket purchase.

List of Sponsors

Measure of Excellence

Prince William County
The Estate of Roy Rogers

Benefactor of the Arts

Robert and Miriam Beecher
Miller Toyota

Director’s Circle

City of Manassas

Musician’s Circle

Susan Ferguson
Heritage Financial

Dr. Alisan Kula
Shirley Rice
Virginia Commission for the Arts


Mark and MaryAnn Dodge
Robert Freeman
Debby Reed
Judith and Donald Smith
Rollin and Diana Van Broekhoven
Dan and Becky Verner
Mary and Donald White


Nancy Bentrem
Maj Gen (Ret) and Mrs. Andrew Egeland
Reine Evans (In Memory of Michael and Maryabelle Stroff)
Wayne and Karen Gorsuch

Larry Maher (In Memory of Anne Maher)
Michael and Julie Mahoney
Janet Wheatcraft


Hazel Boyer
Creative Brush
Charles and Stephanie Cummings
Eileen Daniels (In Memory of David F. Baker)

Peggy Delay (In Memory of Nancy Hersch Ingram)
Stanley and Elysa Earle
John and Debbie Gilbert
William and Sammie Holliman
Bert and Carolyn Kriebel

Julia Martin
Dale and Ellen Owens
Ed and Susan Powell
The Raub Cousins (In Memory of Don Daniels)
Daisy and Rod Reynolds
Jim and Judy Schornick

Russell and Marjorie Tuck
Dean VanderSchaaf
Margaret and Richard Wade
Bettie Williams
Dave and Ruth Williams (In Memory of Roy Rogers)
Rachel and Jon Wist


Marlene Epstein
Jean Fontana (In Memory of Emanuele Fontana)
Gordon Grandjean
Judy Handshy
Elizabeth Johnson
Jennifer Katebini
Nancy Mackenzie
“Grandma Diane” (In Honor of Heather, James, and Matthew Simonds)
Maribeth Nolan
Judy Smith (In Memory of Roy Rogers)
John and Jacqueline Ware

We Also Thank

Nancy Menefee
Patricia Peters (In Memory of Roy Rogers)

In Kind Contributions

2021 Year End Appeal Donors

Sondra Ahalt
Michael Ahern
Patrick and Denise Almazar
Earl and Jane Amstutz
Tom and Joyce Andrew
Allyn Bamberger
Sheryl Bass
Bennett, Atkinson, and Associates
Betty Ann Blanton
Wanda Boley
Karen Borozinski
Sarah Bouscaren
Marie and Joe Canny
Carol Chitty
Donna Christiano
James Cole
Marian Cooperrider
Randy and Becki Crowell
Gerald Dahlin
Eileen Daniels

Wilhelmina Detwiler
Patricia DiGiovine
Mark Dodge
Rebecca Erdelyi
Thomas and Lori Esquina
Nancee Fleming
Anne Ford
Robert Freeman
Mary Glascock
Kathleen Grunden
Art Hackett
Thomas Hoffecker
Deborah Ita
Belinda Jacobson-Loehle
Janet Jensen
Frank Johnson
Elizabeth Kadel
Jeffrey Kenefake
Barbara and Tom Kenefake
Bert and Carolyn Kriebel
Latimer Family Charitable Fund

Dawn Lewis
Erv and Sue Lhotka
Barbara McRee
Thomas and Mary Jo Mehr
Janet Murphy
Dan and Glenna Ohlms
John Oliver
Tom Osina
Dale and Ellen Owens
Diane Patterson
Sandra Pritchard
Michael Rogers
Michelle Rupert
Jon Sadler
Bryan Salsieder and Anna Bui
Robert Schilpp
Pamela Sebesky
Ken Shepherd
Jenny Snellings

Susan Speare
James and Ruth Turner
Diana Van Broekhoven
Dean VanderSchaaf
Derek and Karen VanderSchaaf
Dan and Becky Verner
Richard and Betty Wade
Janice Walker
John and Jacqueline Ware
David and Tammy Warner
Tonya Wassenberg
Cindy Warhola
Janet Wheatcraft
Mary White
Rebecca Whitelock
Bettie Williams
Mike and Sue Winter
Duane and Rebecca Woodward
Yizang Memorial Fund