Immerse Yourself in Music with the Manassas Chorale

Immerse Yourself in Music with the Manassas Chorale


The Manassas Chorale is a member organization. Your annual membership comes with privileges and responsibilities. The Handbook is designed to give you most of the information you will need as a Chorale member. Please take the time to read it before registering.



CLICK HERE to register online


DOWNLOAD registration form and turn it in at rehearsal.


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pay by check or cash at rehearsal.


First rehearsal of the 2023-2024 season is Tue Aug 29. Rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 PM to 9:20 PM at Manassas Baptist Church, 8800 Sudley Road, Manassas. Regular attendance is essential to maintain the quality of any vocal group. Members must meet the attendance requirements for each concert segment, and are responsible for registering their own attendance at each rehearsal. In order to be counted as present, a member may not miss more than half an hour of the rehearsal.

If a member exceeds the maximum allowable absences (and has attended at least half of the segment’s rehearsals), but wishes to perform in the concert, he/she will sing for the Music Review Committee, which will determine the singer’s preparedness. If you have any questions about your attendance, please see the Secretary or the Executive Director who maintain the attendance records.

Dress rehearsals are held at the Hylton Performing Arts Center before each concert. Attendance is mandatory unless otherwise arranged with the Director. Only circumstances such as family emergencies, illness, or other unavoidable circumstances will be considered by the Director as excusable absences.  Failure to attend the dress rehearsal may result in the member being ineligible to perform in the concert. Concert attire is NOT required at dress rehearsals. Comfortable clothes and shoes are encouraged.


  • Dues. The Manassas Chorale is considered a membership organization. Singers join for one year (four consecutive concert segments). Renewal reminders are sent to members as needed. The annual membership dues for the 2023-2024 season are $120 per member. Dues may be paid in their entirety or in installments of at least $40 each (member must arrange with the Treasurer if doing so). Members must be paid in full or have a signed payment agreement in place by the fourth rehearsal of the segment in which they join.

  • Attire. Chorale members must purchase formal and informal concert attire (see Member Handbook for more details; pricing subject to change).
    • Formal men’s and women’s attire = about $110
    • Informal men’s and women’s attire = $25
  • Performance folder. Chorale members must have a matte black folder to hold their music for all performances. Folders may be purchased from the Chorale for $12, or singers may supply their own.

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